About Us

 We like to think the best things in life happen naturally, and that’s exactly what happened with Four Winds. To sum it up, a dream turned into a possibility, a possibility turned into a plan, and a plan turned into a reality. Many twists and turns, ups and down, and blessings later, we have officially opened our virtual doors to all of you. <3 
I believe style can perfectly depict one’s individualism and uniqueness unlike any other. Style is a gift, and showing it off is the perfect way to show the world who you are. The cool thing about style is it can be different every day, and that’s exactly what Four Winds represents. We have no one direction, there are no bounds, we wear what we want. 
We do our best to offer you a unique variety of hand-picked, must-have pieces at affordable prices. We want our customers to be inspired to create their own one-of-a-kind looks. Confidence and creativity are key, and that’s what we hope to give to you. 


Owners, Cody and Ramee Malin